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2021 Perch Derby
Saturday August 14

Weigh-in at 2pm
$10 Entry Fee
Entry Fees will be dontated to the Tenmile Lakes Association

Adult and Family/youth teams,  A fun day fishing, friendly competition, a chance at Glory!

Like most things in nature,  a healthy system is all about balance.  When a environmental inbalance occurs in the ecosystem,  a species dominate the environment overpopulate and a chain of events begins that can cause problems that impact other species and the entire ecosystem.   

Here at Tenmile Lakes,  our environmental challenges are being addressed by local organizations like the Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership  and the community via the Tenmile Lakes Association (TLA).  Improvement projects are time consuming and costly.   For our Yellow Perch overpopulation problem,  one of the easiest ways to help the situation is FISHING for them!  

And so it begins...THE PURGE.  The Perch PURGE!   Fishing for perch is fun and easy.  For children,  perch fishing is a excellent way to introduce the sport to you young due to the abundance of catch.   Simple fishing techniques make this easy for kids to catch a ton fish.  Usually just a Rod, hook, and some bait or a small jig is all that is needed. 


Did you know that Yellow Perch are delicious?  The mild, firm, white meat is excellent for fish tacos, or simply filet and pan fry with some panko batter.​ 

Bring your  bucket, and catch them all!  

PRIZES $1000 in CASH prizes awarded + door prizes and swag! Top Prize $450!

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